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Have an influence on Long Beach Politics, as it relates to taxation

Serve hard-working taxpayers who are disillusioned by current politics

Recruit 1000’s of voters to change

City Budget management


Offer a platform for articles on

tax related issues in Long Beach

Compile repository of published articles on Long Beach related taxes

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Feb. 8 Deadline to share opinion on Proposed Vector Tax, by LB Health & Human Services.
(think "mosquito patrol", which we are already paying for in parcel tax)

Stay tuned.....

Feb. 5 Solid waste and recycling fees to rise March 1, 50% + 1 of customers did not object, despite letter writing campaign. (this is a Prop 218 issue, Prop 13 amendment)


2018 attacks:

Nov. 6-Once again voters decide they like tax. This time it is a water runoff tax. Prop W flies through with great approval:


Aug. 30-Water Board does not get push back from 50% +1 of customers, rate to increase 7.2%. (yes in addition to the 12% in June)


Sept. 4-2019 Schedule of fee increases, for just about everything, approved by City Council.


June 5-Disappointment again,the passing of Measure M to add 12% of gross water revenue to current water tax. (by the way, Prop. 13 violation)

     Kudos to the voters, we finally                got more than 40% no votes!







2017 another tax attack:ch

March 17-Measure H (Sales Tax for Homeless Services and Prevention)


June-LB School District Measure E passed, yielding a 76% increase in my tax bill.

July 1-Measure A sales tax goes into effect. Measure M put on hold until cap on tax at 10.25% is raised or another tax falls out of line.

November 1-Gas tax $0.12 /gallon starts.

November 8-City Council approved returning money to water department and lowering water and sewer rates.

2016 a brutal year for tax payers:

April-Measure A passes a 1% increase

in Sales Tax, effective July  2017.
"Tax Man"
campaign against measure.

  *Note the 3 founding members of LB Taxpayers wrote ballot argument against the measure. Read it next time and vote against it.

April-Measure LB passes the funding of $750 million in bonds for the City College.  All construction projects.

My tax increased 78%

June-Measure E passes the funding of

$1.5 billion for LB Unified School District.

All construction projects.

My tax increased 76%


June-Water Commission votes to raise water and sewer rates, 3rd year in a row.  This 4% increase, does not mention the

5% utility users tax on the water.

(Law suit filed against City in October for illegal rate hike) Hey we won!Maybe-now they want to change City Charter to condone the actions.

November-Measure M (Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan) 0.5% sales tax increase effective July 2017.

Thomas Stout-Founder

Kathy Ryan-Founder

Larry Boland-Supporter

Carolyn Byrnes-Media


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